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Ed Wesch, Jr.



Resides: Westminster, SC
Memberships: SCCA, competes in South Carolina Region
Bio  Ed's interest in racing started at a young age. He was 6 or 7 years old when he watched his father, Ed, Sr., race a Corvette in the Boonetrail Corvette Club in Missouri. Soon after, Ed. Jr. started racing 2 stroke go-karts. With his father's guidance and instruction, he began winning in IKF (International Karting Federation) and WKA (World Karting Association) on a regular basis. With a #1 finish in the New Jersey State Championship, they began running in the WKA Manufacturer's Cup Series in which Ed Jr. finished a respectable 10th, nationally. After 8 years of kart racing, Ed got his driver's license and subsequently ran a few autocrosses in Clemson, SC, with the Clemson Sports Car Club. He then left racing for several years.

Ed has two boys, Adam, age 9, and Alex, who is 5. During his 15 year absence from motorsports, Ed never lost touch with his love of high performance. He has owned and customized many cars, including a
1969 GTO, a 1984 VW Rabbit, a 1977 280Z, several 5 liter Mustangs, and a few sport compacts along the way.

In late 2004, his father, Ed. Sr., purchased a 1992 Corvette. After some minor modifications, Ed. Sr. drove the Corvette up from Florida to South Carolina to run in an
SCR-SCCA event at the BMW manufacturing plant in Greer. Both Ed Jr. and Ed Sr. ran the car in the B Street Prepared class and did very well.

That one event is all it took for the racing fever to return. Now, half way through the 2005 season with several 1st place finishes and a few FTD's (Fastest Time of Day) under his belt, Ed Jr., along with his father, brother Eric and sister Kristen is ready to see if he can get back to racing full time.

With a little luck, the sponsorship of his father and support of his family, he is going to give it all he's got!
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